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Love Is An Adventure - Are You Ready to Explore?

Life is an extraordinary adventure. Chock full of ups & downs and twists & turns. But, in comes the moment, when love changes everything. The instant chemistry of finding your soulmate. Searching for the one to explore and navigate the road of life makes all of the challenges so worthwhile. Life is Meant For Love & Great Adventure Get Started on Your Journey Today

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Tips for a Successful Dating Experience

* Be Punctual

Being on time shows respect. If you set a place and time for your date, be sure to be punctual. If you are running late, give your date a call. No one likes to waste their time.

* Clean Up, Dress Appropriately

Be sure to look your best on your date. First impressions mean everything. So plan, and dress, accordingly.

*Listen & Ask Appropriate Questions

Be sure to pay attention when your date is talking. Ask open-ended questions to leave room for discussion. Keep the conversation appropriate and away from sensitive topics.

* Be Honest & Genuine

It is best to remain your true self from the get go. There is no need to pretend to be something you are not, if your date does not like you for the person you genuinely are, then there s no need to move forward.

* Leave The Past in The Past

Just as this says, do not talk about your past partners. Bringing up an EX has no relation to the current journey. Think future, think potential - the door from the past closed for a reason.

* Don't Overcomplicate Things

Keep it simple and clear. If you are enjoying the date, say it, if you want to see them again, tell them. Do not play games, don't waste anyone's time - be clear in what you want or don't want.

Love is a Journey - Enjoy the Ride

Fall in Love with Someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure. In love, as with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination. Find someone who makes your soul smile, lifts your spirit, and guards your heart. Your Life is Calling Enjoy, Explore & Love

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Create Your Own Happiness!

In the dating world I felt like an explorer, because I was truly searching for love. I can now see clearly how my past life experiences have led me to the "one." I had been using online dating sites for several months because I have a hectic work schedule. I think if you are very clear with what you are looking for, it can be an invaluable tool. I was committed to only communicating with potential partners who wanted a long-term relationship, filled with honesty and fun. I was tired of compromising and I knew exactly what I wanted, which is important. After a few months, and many boring dates, it happened. I met someone and we connected, and even though I had high expectations, they've all been exceeded - 10 times over! I have never been more sure of anything in my life, and suddenly all the clichés are true! When you know, you really do know.

Trust The Timing Of Your Life

Dating is Fun & Exciting - Stop Stressing & Get Started

It's time to take the stress out of meeting new people, and get back to the fun of it all! Mellow Out. Relax. Be Calm. Open your heart & mind. Join our community of fun singles looking for love & happiness.

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